BA Soule
established 2020

About us

BA soule’ was created to magnify the importance of BATHING not only the body but the SOUL! BY immersing yourself in the water and letting all your worries, stress, and fears wash away! Bathing is an ART and gives you the opportunity to show love and appreciation for YOURSELF!

Meet Our Owner

In 2020, I launched BAsoule’ because I refused to let COVID & motherhood get the best of me. I found myself overwhelmed and stressed with the uncertainties of the world. I needed something to help calm my nerves. I thought back to how much I enjoyed taking baths at my grandmother's house. I was too young to say that bathing was relaxing, but it was certainly fun and always put a smile on my face. I can recall all of the products that she would use on my skin. They all smelled amazing and left my skin shiny and soft. I started creating my own products by using things around the house. I would wait until everyone was asleep and take a long warm bath. I became obsessed with how I felt afterward. I started to think about all of the women who don't bathe but prefer to shower daily instead. I asked a few woman why they showered vs bathing and they all responded, “I don’t have time”. I want women to understand the importance of bathing and how it can replenish the soul. My products are created to help soothe the skin and soul, while you are immersed in the water and once you’re out! I guarantee that you will feel refreshed and your skin will have a natural glow.
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